window heartYou look at the sky and the world around you and feel yourself suddenly tipping forward. You catch your breath as you try to balance yourself on the edge of the ledge. Then, suddenly, as fast as you snap, you’re falling. You don’t know how or why; you just do. Free-falling into the unknown. Something that is beyond your control and something you never even asked for. That’s how it feels to fall in love.

We have or will be in love at one point in our lives. Others are lucky enough to love and be loved by their family or peers, as seen in a story of a soon to be widowed father. Other times, people find romantic relationships and fall in love with the people they meet. However, contrary to falling off a ledge as described earlier, you won’t always realize that you are in love right away. So here are a few signs that you are falling in love with someone.

1. Always on Your Mind

If a person is always on your mind, it may be one of the reasons that you may be reading this article at all, and indeed, it is true. Most of the time, if you are in love, the person is almost always on your mind despite what you do.

You may just be going on a morning run and start to think of that person, or you may be going out to eat and start remembering what they love to eat. Anything and everything becomes tied to the person you are falling in love with.

2. Everything is exciting

The thing with falling in love is that you are thrilled most of the time just to meet or see the person. Most of the time, even if you’re going on a short coffee date or revisiting a restaurant you’ve already met before, you have this feeling of wanting to go over the top and feel ecstatic. Falling in love changes perception and makes everything feel new and exciting.

3. Empathy

If you fall in love, that person becomes like an extension of yourself most of the time. Because of that, you start to think of how they might feel if you were in their shoes and how they may feel in certain situations. Most of the time, you may feel hurt or offended if others do them wrong or may even feel nervous or anxious for them when they have something meaningful.

Because of empathy, you are also willing to help your partner out in the things that they need to do or help them in general. For example, you may be willing to take care of them when they are sick or cook a hearty meal for them after a long day.

4. Willing to go the Extra Mile

Most of the time, if you are in love, you are not just willing to do your “duties” for them as boyfriend or girlfriend but are willing to go the extra mile. You go through the hassle of cooking for them even if you can order food; you are willing to drive for hours to see them or get something they want to buy. 

5. Planning the Future

When you are in love, you aren’t likely to just let them go anytime soon. Because of this, people who are in love often start thinking of the future that they could have together. Often, it does not have to be a detailed plan they might have in their lives, but just including them in the future that you may have planned out for yourself.

6. Introducing to Friends and Family

When you’re already deep into a relationship, you usually want to introduce them to your friends and family because you want to include them in your life. Usually, this helps couples see where and if they fit into each other’s lives as well, and it is a sign of falling in love since you want to see how far the other is really willing to go.

7. Mirror Quirks

Not only do you begin to accept their quirks, but you also start to mirror them in yourself. Some quirks, even those that are annoying, you may start to find as cute as a button. Moreover, you may be starting to get some of their quirks, mannerisms, or way of speaking. For example, you may start saying a “catchphrase” that they often use or move your hands when you talk, similar to your significant other.

8. Reading this article

If you’re reading this article with a particular person in mind, then you may be starting to fall for someone. Most of the time, the first stage of falling for someone is being unsure – so maybe the fact that you’re looking through articles such as these may already be a sign that you are suspecting that you have fallen or are starting to fall for someone.

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