Are You Struggling From Your Illness?

Being diagnosed with a severe illness is devastating heartbreaking for you and your family. The susceptibility of the illness is different for every person. It depends on the person’s genetic vulnerability, personality, coping ability, and social support from people around him. 

Health problems can cause disarray in the person’s life and family and friends. You feel fear of facing the uncertainty of life. You worry financially or about what will happen to your family if something terrible happens to you. You feel great sadness, grief, and despair for facing the sickness.

You tend to ask why you? Why are you given this kind of illness? You would ask yourself, what you have done to deserve this. You would question the things you did, why you did what you did that caused you harm.

You will have endless questions about what, why, and how this came about? You are trying to understand the situation and analyze why you are chosen to have it of all people? Most of the time, you are angry and frustrated – at yourself, blame people, or hate the whole world. You feel like the world is closing down on you. 

You feel powerless and helpless. There are times when you want to be alone. Sometimes you do not want to talk to people, even your family, and friends. Sometimes you deny that you are sick, and you refuse to accept the diagnosis. You deny that you need people.

Sometimes you want to sit alone and do nothing, think about nothing, or stare blankly into space. It’s like a mental breakdown – you cannot think straight, and you feel that all your body parts are malfunctioning, and anxiety and depression set in. 

How To Cope-Up With Your Illness?

A life-threatening illness or even illness alone can drag you down emotionally. You would feel that nobody will understand you. 

Talk. Open up to family and friends and express how you feel about your condition. Tell them your worries, like who would take care of your family when you are gone, talk openly about your financial status, share your emotions because, in that way, the load you are carrying will be lighter. Please read the book, The End of the Rainbow because it will help you through the struggles of your illnesses. Present to them your plans for your future and ask them where they can help so you will not be burdened with the uncertainty of your life. Talk honestly about your condition.

It would help if you had all the support you could get. Lean on others for a change. Your well-being needs to be in this situation. Continue to socialize. Continue to enjoy social gatherings and activities. 

Having a healthy social environment will make a big difference in your struggles in life. It will make a whole new world for you and give you a positive outlook on life. It will help you go through the stages of your treatment and recovery.     

How To Manage Yourself With The Illness?

After coping with your illness, it is easier to manage yourself with your illness, but you still have to go through practicing your management technique. Take, for example, managing your cancer; it is not that easy because you have to relieve yourself from anxiety sleep disturbance, alleviate fatigue, and improvise your mood. First of all, you have to talk to someone you trust. 

Nothing eases you more than talking to a friend or family. You have to learn how to relax. Don’t think about anything that will stress you out. Think about happy experiences, enjoyable moments, funny gatherings, something that will keep your spirits up. 

There are a lot of relaxation techniques that will elevate your spirits like meditation, massage, deep breathing exercises that will keep you calmer and lower your blood pressure, yoga, Tai chi, walking, aromatherapy, and autogenic training. Get yourself enough sleep. Lack of sleep builds up stress. Have a quality sleep at night by modifying your daytime activities and developing a peaceful bedtime habit. 

Live an active lifestyle. Exercise is effective in relieving tension, anxiety, and stress. After your exercise, you will feel energized more relaxed, and you will go through your day with a positive attitude. If your condition limits your mobility, you can always consult the doctor about what exercises you can have or exercise that you are allowed to do.   

You can have a new hobby – something you want to do like spending time with nature, writing a book, arts, musical instruments, etc. 

Think positively. The medical condition you face right now does not define who you are. Pursue what you want. Find the purpose of your life and bring meaning into your life. Nourish and enrich your spirit and do something that will bring joy and happiness to your life. 


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