Jim Forker presents

The End of

the Rainbow

One Man's Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia

The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

Love through Immeasurable Loss

love - The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

Jen was beautiful. Jim's life was pretty empty before he met her. He filled the endless loneliness by drinking and playing beer pong with friends. Then a chance encounter in the mail room changed everything. In thirty seconds, Jim was smitten. There was one problem: Jen was married.

That sealed the deal for Jim. He would have to get over her and move on with life. He tried, but he couldn't get Jen off his mind. Then he got word from a friend that she had separated from her husband. She'd also had a son. Long story short, Jim got the girl, but the story doesn't end there.

In his first book, The End of the Rainbow: One Man's Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia, Jim Forker shares his story of love found and love lost. He had the woman he loved and a built-in family. Everything was bliss until the diagnosis. That's when Jim began the unexpected journey.

Jim's is a story of great love and loss. It's also a story of single fatherhood, blended families, and the trials of terminal cancer. It's about Jim figuring out how to care for his wife through the worst-case scenario, and it's about him nurturing his children when their mother no longer could.

The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

This is a story of love and heartbreak, of triumph and perseverance.

Travel this unexpected journey with Jim to The End of the Rainbow.

Jim Forker author of The End of the Rainbow

About the Author

Jim Forker is a first-time writer who was born an only child and raised in New Jersey. He enjoys a myriad of hobbies like cycling, traveling, playing racquetball, hiking, and always searching for the best cup of coffee.

He is a proud father of five: Ben, Charlotte, and Nora, plus two dogs, Libby and Leo. Jim currently resides in Marion, Massachusetts, and fundraises for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Go Giants and Yankees!

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